The best Macedonian and Lazio football player

Goran Pandev

Goran PandevGoran Pandev is born July 27, 1983 in Strumica - the Republic of Macedonia. Pandev is a football striker currently playing for FC Internazionale Milano in the Italian Serie A.

Playing career
In his youth Goran Pandev was recruited by Italian club Inter, who loaned him to Spezia and Ancona. In 2004, he moved to Lazio (part of transfer that includes Stankovic in Inter) to play in Serie A. He started the 2005 season by scoring the only goal in the first match, giving Lazio a win over Messina.

On 4th January 2010, Goran Pandev signed a contract with Inter where he will stay until 2014 and will wear number 27.

Currently Goran Pandev is the best Macedonian football player and leader of the Macedonian national team. Pandev is only the second Macedonian to play in Serie A.


Career of Goran PANDEV
Season -- Club
   - 2001 -- Belasica Strumica
2001/02 -- Inter Milan
2002/03 -- Spezia 4 Goals, 22 Games
2003/04 -- Ancona 1 Goals, 20 Games
2004/05 -- Lazio Rome 3 Goals, 25 Games
2005/06 -- Lazio Rome 11 Goals, 35 Games
2006/07 -- Lazio Rome 11 Goals, 36 Games
2007/08 -- Lazio Rome 14 Goals, 32 Games
2008/09 -- Lazio Rome 9 Goals, 31 Games
2009/10 -- Inter


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